We are expanding our clinical model through collaborations with visionary organizations that aspire to lead the industry in care delivery.

We seek leaders who identify value-based care delivery as a top strategic priority, embrace a patient-centric culture, show a passion for clinical innovation, and demonstrate a willingness to challenge the status quo clinical and economic model of today’s healthcare environment.

Example profiles of potential collaboration organizations include:

  • Large integrated health systems that want to establish a viable, long-term value-based care delivery platform
  • Medicare Advantage plans seeking stability and clinical excellence
  • States and Medicaid managed care plans interested in developing new Medicaid, dual and MMP programs
  • Large companies seeking to bend the cost curve for employer sponsored health insurance
  • Foreign national health departments who seek change for their country’s care delivery model

Clinical Focus

Clinical Model &
Capability Development

Clinical and care delivery protocols (complex care coordination, case management, acute and post-acute episode management, discharge and readmission planning, chronic disease management, frailty management, behavioral health integration, patient acuity assessment)

Organizational Focus

Clinicial Alignment & Engagement

  • Network design and development
  • Physician compensation
  • Facility reimbursement

Organizational Transformation

  • Oversight and guidance for all collaborative relationships
  • CareMore Academy (training for physicians and non-physicians)
  • Human capital including recruiting, staffing, and incentive design

Operational Focus

Financial & Risk Management

  • Risk/HCC coding support (“Healthy Start”)
  • Tracking of value-based activities and utilization
  • Disbursement of value based payments


  • Risk contracting and value based contract management
  • Product strategy and execution including benefit design, sales/distribution and marketing

Analytics & Infrastructure

  • NextGen and HiE solutions
  • End-to-end, proven clinical platform with embedded clinical protocols
  • Financial, clinical, and operational data informatics, tools and reporting
  • MSO services and health plan back office functions (e.g. claims, utilization management, eligibility, member and provider services)